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so as the title says, is the armory currently not updating? Wife's boosted 90 Monk (now 100) from Wo D launch - still not in Armory, 3 months in Wife's DK alt (now up to 73) that she started 3 weeks ago - in the Armory immediately and updates there every single day Don't even get me started on the wretched poses that half the classes are twisted into there.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.You can see on the armory when you go to the mythic runs tab, and click “view party” for a specific run that my old character name is showing up, leading the blizzard API used by raiderio to credit the runs to the old character.Fixing this ASAP as key pushing starts picking up again would be fantastic I am having the same issue except when it comes to using simulation software.I changed spec 4 days ago, changed transmog yesterday.Armory still shows my 4-day old spec and my 1 day old transmog, yet other characters seem to update instantly.I'm not alone, the customer service forums are filled with a lot of pissed off people.Race changes, boosts, faction changes, server transfers. Billing your credit card works fine though, fancy that.

This is making it very difficult to get accepted into mythic plus groups and enjoying the game.

I have submitted a ticket but Game Master Nalimua told me there is not much he/she can do and that i should report it to this forum.

Please resolve this issue by fully updating my entire armory so that Raider can transfer my score which enables me to enjoy the game much more. Yup, this is happening for me too after a name change.

If there is no items on your character page that means it was never updated - just click the Refresh button.

Now it's possible to confirm your characters as registered site user.

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Automatic confirmation can be done by switching items in specified slots.