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There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to dating and relationships, even love. If you are JUST dating a guy, then he is probably dating other girls too (and you may be seeing other men as well). The two of you have not made a commitment to be loyal and only see each other, so dating is free game. We’re going to break it down with 5 signs you’re just dating, and 5 signs you’re actually in a relationship.On the other hand, some women wait until they’re in a solid relationship before giving up the goods.Whatever the deal may be, dating could be a friends with benefits type thing, or you could be holding out until he asks you to be your girlfriend. There’s probably a multitude of questions running through your head when you’re talking to someone or seeing someone somewhat regularly, so what’s the deal- are you just dating, or are you in a relationship?

Okay, so, obviously if he asks you out to be his girlfriend and be absolutely exclusive with him in a monogamous relationship, then you’re in a relationship.

So, when you’re dating, almost be certain there’s other dates happening without you.

If you aren’t his girlfriend and he’s not your boyfriend, you’re probably not being introduced to family and friends; that’s reserved for more serious relationships.

Some people go on a date and find themselves under the sheets that very night- and that’s okay, if you’re not waiting until the two of you are exclusive.

He is probably seeing other girls and you need to know that.

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But until then, dates that happen every so often is just that- a date- and nothing more.

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