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If you see errors for failed conditions, such as running out of disk space, correct them and run the consolidation task. Or perhaps you are unable to remove snapshots for virtual machines on one or more datastores. There are several cases where you may encounter Snapshot issues after experiencing issues with a virtual machine.

See these KB’s for more info: Unfortunately in my case, this didn’t work and I immediately got a general I/O error, even though the datastore had enough space left.You can combine such disks without violating a data dependency.After consolidation, redundant disks are removed, which improves virtual machine performance and saves storage space. This might happen, for example, if you delete a snapshot but its associated disk does not commit back to the base disk.And apparently the server is running from the last one :(.All the other servers we backup don't have this problem and only have one snapshot. I have found quiet a lot of info on google about snapshot this , snapshot that ...

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When a VM has snaphots present on the datastore but they don’t seem to be linked to the VM anymore, v Sphere 5 will detect this and report an error on the summary tab: “Virtual machine disks consolidation is needed”.

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