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Vb net radiobutton validating

My requirement is that i want to get text of radiobutton just checked in the view model Please help me out with this. Swapnil Hi, Got the things implemented in tutorial.Can we pass the content of radio button to converter class some how? Checked Then Ischecked = True End If End If Next End If Next args. Radio Button" Then Dim radiobutton As Radio Button = Direct Cast(itemctrl, Radio Button) If radiobutton.So, in a style that's applied to your Radio Buttons: "If you bind the Is Checked property to a boolean and check the Radio Button, the value gets True.But when you check another Radio Button, the databound value still remains true." I am using WPF 4.0 with 4.0, this issue is fixed. But I've got a little problem, I have a tab Control and each tab Item have a different opacity, on right click it open a context menu with radion button witch allow to change it, everything goes right, on each tab Control radiobutton is set to the correct value, but as soon as I changed a value (it's correctly set) if I click on another tab Item (the opacity is still ok) the context menu show the opacity I've set the the last one... Thank you in advance I've tried this technique and it does not work at all.Load If Not Is Post Back Then Bind() End If End Sub Public Sub Bind() Me. Public Function Get_Questions() As Data Table Dim dt As New Data Table() Dim dr As Data Row Dim questions As String = "question_1,question_2,question_3" Dim Option As As String = "Option A_1, Option A_2, Option A_3" Dim Option Bs As String = "Option B_1, Option B_2, Option B_3" Dim Option Cs As String = "Option C_1, Option C_2, Option C_3" Dim ID As String = "1,2,3" Dim list1 As String() = questions. Add(New Data Column("Option C")) For i As Integer = 0 To list1. New Row() dr("Text") = list1(i) dr("ID") = list2(i) dr("Option A") = list3(i) dr("Option B") = list4(i) dr("Option C") = list5(i) dt. Add(dr) Next Return dt End Function Protected Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) End Sub Protected Sub Question Validator_Server Validate(By Val source As Object, By Val args As Server Validate Event Args) Dim ctrl As Control = Direct Cast(source, Control) Dim Ischecked As Boolean = False For Each item As Control In ctrl.

It would have been better for lame user to understand if it had the solution/source code file with this in zip. They are reading this and they dont know what data binding is.

It would have been better for lame user to understand if it had the solution/source code file with this in zip. to all the people saying "if people don't understand, too bad, figure it out yourself" This is a TUTORIAL. If it doesn't fulfill it's purpose, whats the point? Effectively the built-in radiobutton functionality is not used at all really (the radiobuttons are all in their own group and the mutual exclusivity is an effect of the binding).

If you're so smart, why are you looking up tutorials? In the end I varied from the example a bit in that I found it safer to isolate each Radio Button from the others by putting each within its own parent (ie each in its own Stack Panel) and not setting a Group Name at all.

Private Function Validate Discount Selected(By Ref bln Discount As Boolean, By Ref str Discount As String) As Integer ' This function confirms the user selected a discount available. Msg Box("Please Select If Discount Is Available", , "You must Choose A Discount If Avaiable") bln Discount = False End Try Return int Discount Selected That code tries to convert an entire controls collection to an integer, which cannot ever work. You apparently want to know which control is checked, but that alone will not tell you the Discount level desired: a control which says "2% Discount" is not the same a objects, where the text says "10%" or whatever, while returning a numeric value to your code.

Dim int Discount Selected As Integer Try int Discount Selected = Convert. Basic class to keep a name/text and value together.

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To String() bln Discount = True Catch exception As System Exception ' Confirms a radio button was selected.