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Validating special characters

Attackers can use a program, which iterates through all of the words in a dictionary (or multiple dictionaries in different languages) and tests whether any of the words work as a user's password. A strong password is complex (containing a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special characters) and is not a word. Weak passwords such as "Yankees" or "Mustang" can be guessed quickly. This example demonstrates how to verify complexity.

Once you learn the art of using regular expressions you can use it with many computer languages.

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Visit Stack Exchange With approach 2 (block invalid characters), the user might type something quickly and end up with a result which looks nothing like what they wanted.

To go back to a non special character, you have to use Ctrl Z (sous Windows) ou cmd Z (sous IOS).

Therefore, when importing files, we can fairly easily import special characters.

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