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The MHRA advice on the safe use of bedrails (2006) stated that the assessment should look at the likelihood of a person falling from their bed and whether their physical or clinical condition increases the risk of entrapment.It also stated that some groups are more at risk than others, including older people and adults, or children, with: Any assessment tool has to be user-friendly and allow quick assessment of the pertinent risk factors to promote regular review of patients' suitability for the use of bedrails.It also led to a noticeable decrease in the use of bedrails and number of incidents resulting from their inappropriate use.After numerous modifications, the assessment tool became the Coventry Bed Rails Use (CBRU) tool, and this article describes the validation study.VOL: 103, ISSUE: 20, PAGE NO: 30-31 Margaret Goodman, MSc, MA, BA, Dip N, FETCert, RGN; Judith Smith, BSc, Dip Specialist Practice, RGN, ONC; Mollie Gilchrist, MSc, MA, PGCE, BA; Leanne Buck, RGN Margaret Goodman is senior lecturer and research facilitator in practice; Judith Smith is practice facilitator; both at Coventry University and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust; Mollie Gilchrist is principal lecturer, Coventry University; Leanne Buck is ward manager, Rugby St Cross Hospital, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. et al (2007) Developing and validating a risk assessment tool for using bedrails. The study consisted of three stages: training in the use of the tool and applying it to patient scenarios; three separate patient assessments using professional judgement, an experienced CBRU tool user and a novice one; and assessment using the modified tool by an experienced and novice CBRU user.None of the tools found met these criteria, nor have been validated for use.

This tool was piloted on the rehabilitation ward and appeared to help the bedrail use decision-making process.Results: There was fair overall agreement between registered nurses and expert opinion, when choosing colours in the tool from five patient scenarios.When used on the wards, there was high agreement overall between professional judgements and novice CBRU users on bedrail use, and fair agreement between experienced and novice users.Use of the amended tool resulted in very high agreement between experienced and novice users.Discussion: The outcomes from the novice CBRU users and professional judgement showed a high level of agreement in decisions, while there was less agreement between the expert users and professional judgement.

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While this is perfectly acceptable, there may be inconsistencies and it raises the possibility of assessments not being evidence-based.

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