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V deo dat ng cam 2

To learn about the new APIs, read the API diff report or visit the Android API reference — new APIs are highlighted to make them easy to see.

Also be sure to check out Android Q behavior changes (for apps targeting Q and for all apps), as well as privacy changes, to learn about areas where platform changes may affect your apps.

Network Callback() connectivity Manager.request Network(request, network Callback) ... connectivity Manager.unregister Network Callback(network Callback) final Network Specifier specifier = new Wifi Network Specifier.

Builder() Ssid Pattern(new Pattern Matcher("test", Pattern Matcher.

This feature enables your app to prompt the user to change the access point that the device is connected to by using to describe properties of a requested network.The following code sample shows how to provide credentials for one open, one WPA2, and one WPA3 network: val suggestion1 = Wifi Network Suggestion.Builder() Ssid("test111111") Is App Interaction Required() // Optional (Needs location permission) .build() val suggestion2 = Wifi Network Suggestion.We recommend testing your app’s performance before you decide whether or not to enable this feature in your published apps. You must also build an APK that contains uncompressed DEX code that ART can access directly.Add the following options to your Gradle or Bazel configuration file to build an APK with uncompressed DEX code: Gradle The platform's TLS implementation now supports TLS 1.3.

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Android Q introduces great new features and capabilities for users and developers.

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