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If two processes attempt to update the same registry value at the same time, one process's change will precede the other's and the overall consistency of the data will be maintained. INI files, such race conditions can result in inconsistent data that does not match either attempted update.Windows Vista and later operating systems provide transactional updates to the registry by means of the Kernel Transaction Manager, extending the atomicity guarantees across multiple key and/or value changes, with traditional commit–abort semantics.The Windows API functions that query and manipulate registry values take value names separately from the key path and/or handle that identifies the parent key.Registry values may contain backslashes in their names, but doing so makes them difficult to distinguish from their key paths when using some legacy Windows Registry API functions (whose usage is deprecated in Win32).In this directory is the key that disables the Windows Update process.

Keys must have a case insensitive name without backslashes.

Some administrators prefer to manually download and install new updates to save resources on the computer.

The Windows Update can be disabled using the registry, which is the location for all Windows configurations and settings.

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(Note however that NTFS provides such support for the file system as well, so the same guarantees could, in theory, be obtained with traditional configuration files.) The registry contains two basic elements: keys and values.