Updating service pack

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This tab will check that you have the required prerequisites in order to install or update PARS.

If any components are missing, install them then rerun the PARS Service Pack.

Once you have downloaded the latest Service Pack, run it on the IIS server.

A window will open - follow the steps below to install or update PARS Connect.

This must be performed on the IIS server that is hosting or is going to host PARS.

If you are unsure of which option you need to select, or do not know the pros and cons of each option, then you should choose In Process. If you need to perform a SIMS update you must run the Service Pack up until this point - and not proceed any further - then leave the Service Pack open and perform the SIMS update.

If you see a message box like the one below, please contact our Online Helpdesk.

You will see a list of websites here, one of which should have an asterisk (*) after its name and will already be selected.

The installer will skip past this tab and perform all of the steps for you.

A window will open explaining whether or not the Commit tab ran successfully.

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[1] Microsoft Office 365, the subscription-based version of Office 2013, automatically includes the SP1 updates found in Office 2013.[2] Microsoft Office 20 are the only versions of Office available in a 64-bit version.

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