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Updating outdated dark wood trim in older house

I wrote about the paint colors in my home here, or click the picture to go to the post.Interior design isn’t just about creating a home that looks new and current.In a nutshell (a small one, like a hazelnut) I planned on redecorating and painting my house in the spring, moved the task to the fall and now have precisely 10 days to get everything done before I host Thanksgiving. I got to work on the trim right away but it ended up taking me over a week to do because I’m having to squish it in after work.I’ve been wanting to paint the original trim in the front portion of my house since I moved in over 15 years ago but honestly I just didn’t have the nerve.There was an old, old, house similar to mine but sightly grander, and all of the trim was painted white and it was beautiful. The trim only has one coat of primer and one coat of paint here and the walls haven’t been painted yet. You’ll notice I’ve Photoshopped out my old programmable thermostat with a fancy Nest thermostat. Electricity rates in Ontario, Canada (where I live) are the most expensive in North America. Well, imagine living in a communist country where you’re forced to line up to buy bread and have to blow your nose with Kleenex that has no Aloe.

The soft, rustic vibe naturally suits a well-worn home. Break a rectangle into multiple square zones for better functionality, using area rugs to define zones visually and open-sided furniture like benches to bridge multiple adjoining seating areas.

No need to fix it or re-stain it, just dust once in a while. This photo below is in the kitchen, part of which has been remodeled and has different trim, except this doorway.

I’ll also never paint it because everyone else is doing it. I love the look of warm wood and the trim adds that to our home.

If the existing trim is in great condition and you want to really show it off, a neutral or near-neutral contrasting shade (like a blue-green gray) will make it stand out, while working in every room throughout the home for a sense of consistency. In-window shades, as opposed to hanging drapes, are an excellent way to leave vintage window trim exposed. Older homes often have quirky windows in unusual places, but a full wall of drapery can be the perfect way to subtly clean up the look of the room without completely erasing the windows and blocking all light. Open and airy étagères (shelving units) are a stylish way to add additional storage and display space for collectibles, books and baskets of odds and ends without disturbing or hiding the original architecture with built-ins or big bookcases. In general, clean and simple contemporary or modern furnishings are a good tool for bringing a sense of modern life to a traditional home without the two styles feeling like they’re fighting each other. Including some items that feel like they fit the period of the home (even if a design historian might disagree) as well as some modern pieces helps tie the vintage air of a home to everyday life.

Applying the same color to the ceiling helps to tie the look together as well, for a stately, architectural appeal. They also add a slightly modern touch that keeps the look feeling up to date without removing the integrity of the original space. Notice how the edge of the room here feels soft and polished even though the windows are a bit high and thin. Plus, they have a certain gallery-like charm that fits older homes despite feeling like a modern touch. Look for rich textures, clean lines and soft colors without going radically modern or feeling tied to stuffy traditional trappings. It also helps make modern essentials like a TV, computer and plush sofa feel more at home if some of the other accessories are more modern as well. Add pieces that look as if they were weathered outdoors.

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I typically paint the walls, trim and ceiling one color, but with a slightly higher gloss on the trim to subtly call attention to it.