Updating iphone to 2 2

Posted by / 26-Feb-2020 03:10

Updating iphone to 2 2

Unlike in years past, where the focus has been on bright, flashy changes — whether that be a wholly new look for the operating system, redesigned notifications and widgets, or redesigned apps — this year’s update puts the emphasis first on better, instead of just looking better.

Or to put it another way: if most i OS updates tend to focus on the flashy, candy-like dessert, this year Apple is serving up a big, heaping plate of vegetables.

Still, even if there’s room for improvement, it’s good to see that Apple is at least starting to think about the issue and offer ways to address it, even if Screen Time in its current form is more concerned with noting that phone overuse is a problem rather than fixing it. It’s a seemingly small change, but it makes dealing with a flood of messages dramatically easier to handle.

And each notification now offers the option to edit settings for that app when it comes in — you’ll be able to set an app’s notifications to be delivered quietly, without pinging your phone, or turn them off all together, all without having to navigate Apple’s granular and labyrinthine menus.

Installing i OS 12, for the first time I can remember, has made my i Phone and i Pad feel faster and more stable, not less.

You’ll be able to institute daily time limits that will eventually block you from using apps if you reach your quota, or schedule “Downtime” that only lets you use a few, whitelisted apps.

i OS 12 isn’t only about responsible choices in using your phone and a desperately needed performance improvement, though.

There are a few more interesting and entertaining new features included, too, like Memoji — custom animated Animoji avatars.

Now, you’ll need an i Phone X — or one of the newly announced i Phone XS, XS Max, or XR models — to use Memoji, and unlike some of the other custom 3D avatar apps and services, you’ll need to make the entire thing from scratch.

But there’s plenty of options for customization of your avatar, and the end results tend to look like bespoke versions of Apple’s own regular emoji sets, which helps avoid the uncanny valley-ish creations that you can sometimes run into.

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i OS 12 also (at this admittedly early junction) feels far more stable than last year’s i OS 11, which was infamously plagued with months of bugs and issues.