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Bare Metal is a non-virtualized Oracle Database Appliance configuration.

Oracle Database Appliance ships from the factory with a bare metal configuration, default ISO image and Appliance Manager installed.

Using a Different Version of Java Development Kit (JDK) Oracle Database Appliance depends on a specific version of JDK.

Oracle recommends updating the appliance with the latest Oracle Database Appliance software version to take advantage of new features, fixes, and the latest supported component versions.

Overview of the Patch Upgrade Oracle Database Appliance Patch Bundle releases include new enhancements, including a comprehensive patching solution for Oracle Database Appliance.

As well as offering new features, patches may improve the functionality of existing features.

Caution: Do not patch Oracle Database Appliance using individual patches for Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Oracle Database, or Oracle Linux.

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Do not use individual infrastructure patches, such as firmware patches.

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