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Updating games 360 firmware

On the other hand, communities are new hubs that can be formed around shared interests like games, activities, or play styles.There also exist other smaller social features on PS4, such as the ability to message a friend with a request to watch their gameplay live.The [What's New] feature, which allows users to check out their friends' latest activities via a landing page full of their pictures, trophies and other recent events, is an easy way to find out what friends have been up to.On the other hand, a cross-chat feature dubbed [Party Chat] is an interesting way to keep in touch.This gives gamers the ability to chat with other users whether or not they're playing the same title.The PS4's sharing capabilities adds another layer to console gaming.It is named "Dynamic Menu" because the options it offers to players are context sensitive, changing based on what a player is actually doing with their Play Station 4 at any given time.This makes navigation simpler than the previous iteration.

Content icon customization and options on how to sort them would give players a way to mold the display to better suit their needs.

According to Sony, it is a "fantastically fresh augmented reality entertainment experience", which has been created by combining the light bar located on the front of Dual Shock 4 controller with the Play Station Camera.

Players are allowed to produce a small floating robot called Asobi, who interacts with the players, scans their faces and shoots fireballs.

Danish, German, English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), French (Canada), French (France), Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, The Play Station 4 features two graphics APIs, a low level API named Gnm and a high level API named Gnmx.

Most developers start with Gnmx, which wraps around Gnm, which in turn manages the more esoteric GPU details.

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This can be a familiar way to work if the developers are used to platforms like Direct3D 11.