Updating fields word mac

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Updating fields word mac

(That switch locks the field against changes.) Check to make sure that it’s actually a field.When you right-click it, does the Update Field command appear on the shortcut menu?I am attempting to do the same - to renumber figures/photos after moving them around, without deleting and then putting them back in.I see the instructions to select all, then F9 or right click on 'update fields'.To update all the fields in the entire document, select the entire document (Ctrl A) and press F9.If the update takes too long, you can abort it by pressing Esc. Certain fields are not affected by performing an update because they do not pull information from a source that can be changed.You may be familiar to view multiple webpages in Firefox/Chrome/IE, and switch between them by clicking corresponding tabs easily.

If it can be updated by pressing , I want it updated.

For example, the update whenever there is a change in pagination or item sequencing, respectively.

Before we get into specifics, note that a lot of keyboard shortcuts are involved in working with fields, and some of them are the only way to accomplish a particular action.

To manually update a field, right-click it and choose Update Field, or select it and press F9.

If neither of these methods works, check to make sure the field is not locked.

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Taking care of the common cases is good enough for me. Sub Update All Fields In(doc As Document) '' Update tables. Update Next toc Dim tof As Table Of Figures For Each tof In doc.