Transvestite dating in the south west

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So you’ve found yourself in Korea, things are going great, and you’re intending to stay awhile.You have been looking for friends, and now find that romance might also be in the air.We are an unusual Pride as we run in November rather than the hot summer months, and so our Pride looks different to many others.Lastly, we’ve seen the fantastic strength of Trans Pride South West, as we are free to run our events in a way that suits our community; through creating spaces to share valuable information and resources, as well as partying! For more information about the meetings or to get in touch, please contact us or go head to: https:// All are welcome including significant others and families. You might be wondering what dating in Korea is like. We’ll tell you what to expect, along with some do’s and dont’s. Read on to find out more about the dating culture in South Korea.We deserve to also be supported and celebrated within Pride – whether that’s through hosting talented and entertaining trans and non-binary performers, by inviting trans and non-binary speakers to events, or just by supporting and advocating for trans and non-binary rights.

Especially as a minority within the LGBT community, events for the trans and non-binary communities need to make sure that everyone is invited to the table – this means accessible events and inclusion of QTIPOC, and most of all, listening to others.

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However, as you’ve already heard that the dating culture in Korea can be rather different from what you’re used to back home.

This is especially true if you come from a country outside of Asia.

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We’ll be continuing this series, speaking with more of the diverse communities bringing Pride to life across the year.

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