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My dog is a German Shepherd/Doberman mix and she’s the sweetest, kindest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing time with.

She was not that sweet, kind girl when she came to us though.

She had a serious problem with barking and tearing things apart.

Through careful training and by offering her lots of exercise and fresh air, she’s settled in beautifully.

It’s all about knowing your dog and knowing what your dog needs. The most aggressive dog breeds on this list can still be great pets as long as you take the time to understand what they really need.If you’ve got a dog yourself, you might be wondering just how they fare in the smarts department.We’ve got your answer right here with the list of the top 10 smartest dogs in the world, and some of the breeds might surprise you.Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but we often look at them as our companions who don’t have that much going on upstairs.It turns out we were wrong, as dogs are highly intelligent creatures and some more than others.

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The most aggressive dogs we hear about from so called ‘trouble breeds’ often lacked something while they were growing up or lacked proper training.

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