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This is the first time looking and posting in this subreddit, had a quick skim of the rules so apologies if I wrote up anything that shouldn't be.Another apologies for the long read, I could not think of a way to put this up or shorten it.edit/update: Thank you all for the varied and detailed responses.I've been trying to find advice for this situation but google hasn't been successful so far coming up with "how to pick up strippers" on all its results- which I am not at all interested in.I am more concerned/paranoid about her thinking less of me, mainly in the long run and some of the more intimate stuff we do together would feel less of a shared experience for her. T and look like a fairly standard guy with no tattoos or 'big' muscles.My mind has been processing this over the past few days.I've come to the conclusion that the problem is I'm overthinking it and that there is no problem or 'situation' as has been pointed out.If you want to continue seeing her I would be open about the fact that it does bother you a bit but are willing to support her job choices.

Without going into other details, all I'm excited about now is that I could potentially be having my first girlfriendthanks again and Happy Holidays! I know a few strippers who do cam shows and the like as well because it's good money.We had a standard catch-up conversation which went smoothly with a few laughs (genuine laughs).Last week I saw her on the train from work again and had another chat.We both knew were going to have sex, during the lead-up to it is when she started hesitating and asked weird questions that I replied casually and honest to.We had sex and afterwards she started going quiet, I asked her what's wrong.

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Explained she doesn't actually get turned on while working and just concentrated on the act which I understood.

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