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Speed dating philippines june 2016

Consumer centric approach is introduced with the smart grid that ensures the small scale power generation power plants to be located close to the consumers.

Smart grid also ensures reduction in greenhouse gases with major usage of renewable energy sources.

Also, it involves manual meter readings which have lot of system flaws.

On the power consumption side, the load adjustment is done manually which contains delays and inefficiencies.

Email: [email protected]; [email protected] Received 15 January 2016; Accepted 25 January 2016; Publication 13 August 2016 Ever-growing population of people and new electronic gadgets demand huge electricity.

Existing power grids mostly use non-renewable energy sources for electricity generation which is unidirectional energy flow.

With the use of intelligent software, such electricity reroute requests can be handled automatically.

Also power flow can be balanced appropriately with the computerized smart grid with great ease.

Power flow in the conventional system is unidirectional from power generation plans to the consumers.

Figure 1 (a) Traditional electricity power grid system, (b) Smart grid system.

Smart Grid has come up with the combination of the renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy with the conventional non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, gas, nuclear and hydro power generation plants.

These conventional power generation mechanisms are lacking in the scalability, due to which there are limitations on the connections to be provided.

Also, it does not involve the use of cooperation strategies.

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Demand and supply ratios can be well-adjusted with the automation in smart grid.

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