Speed dating palm harbor special education dating

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Speed dating palm harbor

This project is an interactive series of instructional and supplementary materials that will be used to educate students and faculty on the different types of databases offered by St. In addition to understanding the difference between the databases, information will be provided on how to navigate the databases and access useful features like citation generators.

The materials are designed to emulate the experience of participating in a Speed Dating event, but instead of meeting potential dates, students and faculty will meet potential databases to match their research needs.

As a current graduate student in the Masters in Library and Information Science program at the University of South Florida, Kassie combines her current studies with practical, on-the-job library experience to further develop her instructional skills.

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Most of all, Heather feels fortunate to work with the talented and enthusiastic staff at SPC; such relationships have been instrumental in developing original concepts like Speed Dating with Databases.

Paula Knipp has worked as a Reference and Instruction librarian at St. During this time, she has served on numerous college committees including the Career and Academic Communities Leadership Triad Team (Arts & Humanities), the Leepa-Rattner Museum Education and Outreach Committee, the Instructional Technology Advisory Group, faculty advisor for the Gaming and Anime Club, and numerous other campus and college-wide initiatives.

The Speed Dating project was developed to enhance library instruction by providing an engaging and relatable experience for students to connect with the database resources available at our college.

Humor is used in each of the resources to help students overcome the stigma that databases are boring or difficult.

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