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Speed dating learning

Given these positive results, speed dating for project feedback will be used more frequently in this Information Systems course (and likely others).Students reported giving and receiving more feedback, as well as being more engaged, during the speed dating events compared to the normal presentations. OK, playing cards, yes, gardening, yes, walking, yes... Ooh, listen to this, ‘Your eyes are like diamonds that shine in the sky...’ Ashlie: Stephen, is that your writing? For comparison, a “speed dating method” was implemented in alternating project-sharing weeks.During speed dating sessions, groups paired up, and then individual students representing the two groups paired up to reciprocally present and discuss their progress.Non-parametric tests were significant for all comparisons using Bonferroni corrections (α = .01)."The Eberly Center was really instrumental in helping us do the observations and assisting us with the assessments. Stephen: I sent lots of cards, so I’ll get lots of cards – simple. Anyway, I thought you were going to help me with my online profile. So now Stephen thinks I should try online dating to see if I can meet someone on the internet.

The hypothesis was that, with speed dating compared to class presentations, students could (a) provide more feedback on project ideas as well as (b) provide more helpful feedback and (c) demonstrate greater participation in class.

Students also reported being significantly more engaged during the speed dating sessions.

Classroom observations showed greater participation by a broader proportion of students in the speed-dating sessions compared to presentations.

Faculty members teaching the capstone Information Systems project course explored how students could get more – and more useful – peer feedback on their project work.

The “traditional” approach involved a few student groups giving serial presentations to the full class every few weeks.

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