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Social class dating

Vicki, a teacher, plotted how to become a superintendent.John, a restaurant manager, kept his eyes open for opportunities but did not plot how to get from one job to another.Leslie, another woman who participated in the study, grew up the daughter of a manager.

As a result, some people who “married up” felt continually uncomfortable in their new class, though people who “married down” tended to feel more at ease around their in-laws. Despite the constant negotiations that living in a cross-class marriage entails, love can cross class lines and couples can live a real-life version of happily-ever-after.

Vicki budgeted their money, making sure to save for their children’s college expenses and retirement.

John thought their kids could figure out how to pay for college when they were older, just as he and Vicki would figure out how to retire in the years to come.

With little she could do to change the situation, Isabelle learned to go with the flow.

She would not think too much about money, but spend as she needed to get by.

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Less privileged partners told stories of mistaking a “night sail” for a “night sale,” puzzling over how to use a dishwasher, and taking note that their in-laws prefer the theater to the rodeo.

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