Siviete dating who is rob mayes dating

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" ( it was about football tryouts) he then asked for a favor if I can let him borrow my laptop for school and if I can go to his house and be there for a while just in case he needs help, so i went but it was weird. and he said we are not dating and it isn't because of her that I'm happy.I'm happy because I'm finding myself.night i told him i couldn't keep doing this that it hurts me to stay in contact with him while i know ur speaking to another girl and i sent him long messages describing my love to him ..says it isn't fair for me and what i just said touches him deep in the heart and he cares about me and will always be my friend, God Bless and he will keep me in his prayers....a week passed by and he texted me yesterday (sunday) hey how you been happy easter...i asked how he was doing and he said he has his ups and downs, conversation wasnt long i noticed he sounded sad... (can't remember exactly) We had a great relationship,we were best friends, we were there for each other, I've seen him cry and he has seen me cry. We were about 16 when we started dating but I am a little older a few months older than him and when we dated I was a JR in High School and he was a freshman or sophomore.

We actually talked about marriage and we made promises to each other that we won't ever give up on each other.

I had some problems at home that changed me completely I became cold and very protective I guess. When he broke up with me it was very sudden I did not see it coming.

In the beginning he said he needed space but right away started to speak to another girl (this was when he was in college) okay so after all of that he actually apologized to me and cried about it saying he knows it was a mistake to talk to that girl.

I gave my everything to him thinking he will be my husband one day.

I fell so deeply in love with him and he was completely crazy for me.

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That he does care for me but not in love with me as I am in love with him.

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