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Shengo simon deane dating

Rachel Mc Adams is said to be dating Ben Jackson, who has been working as Jude Law's assistant.Elsewhere, Christian Bale met his wife Sibi Blazic when she worked as Winona Ryder's assistant on the set of 2000's 'Little Women'."I was blown away -- especially by Natalie, who was amazing to watch." Being a film-crew member appears to be a particularly fortuitous route into the affections of an A-lister.Julia Roberts broke a long string of celebrity lovers when she dated -- and eventually married -- cameraman Danny Moder (who worked on her movie 'The Mexican').This month, Natalie Portman was found to not only be engaged to ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied, but also expecting the couple's first child.Millepied, who acted as a consultant and choreographer on Portman's latest film 'Black Swan', has certainly sparked something in the gorgeous brunette.After breaking up with fellow star Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese began seeing Toth in January of this year.The two tried to keep their romance under wraps, and finally went public in March.

It is, of course, where lots of elbow grease behind the scenes happens in order to create the smooth, starry illusion.

Where normally Portman has drawn a heavy veil over her private life, she was moved enough to pay him an emotional tribute this month at an awards ceremony, tearfully noting how Benjamin "partnered me in the movie and who now partners me in life".

Benjamin has been similarly effusive in public: "You're standing up next to those actors, like Natalie, and you're like, 'f***'," he said in a magazine interview.

Later, Winslet went on to marry Sam Mendes, an eminent director several rungs up the food chain from her first husband.

After he spent months at large as the one celebrity who could not be tamed, Simon Cowell fell for the charms of Mezhgan Hussainy, a make-up artist on 'American Idol'.

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Just this month, Reese Witherspoon announced her engagement to agent Jim Toth.

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