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The two most common questions that are asked of me are how to find housing and how to find employment.

Let's be honest here-- chances are if a renter will rent to you, he's likely less concerned about his property or the quality of his even start looking for a home, because sometimes cities, townships, or counties have residency laws that differ from the laws imposed by the state.A five minute call may save you a lot more headache during your house hunt later.However, even if you are staying in the Bates Motel, be sure to take good care of your property.Building a good rapport with the landlord will help you as you often need good references for a new lease.

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Also note that those required to register for life In the years since I began seeking housing lists, agencies that interact with registered citizens have increased awareness of the special challenges of finding housing for registered citizens and are starting to make note of programs for registrants.

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