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They usually get marketed as showing people in the 20’s and early 30’s sipping wine while laughing, but in reality, they’re packed with people from all walks of life, across every spectrum of age, and people are usually sweating buckets, not laughing.With just three minutes to make a meaningful connection, the intense pressure erodes any sense of fun and turns dating into a chore.eventid=4593');"This event is like getting to go on a bunch of mini first dates in 1 night so you can quickly see who you have mutual interest in seeing again for second dates!Get face-to-face with a number of other singles in 1 night so you can QUICKLY see who you have an interest in seeing again.eventid=4573');"September 7, 2019, pm (Ages 32-49)A Night of Fun Mini-Dates with Other Singles!Sign in or create an account to attend this event THIS IS WHERE SEATTLE SPEED DATES - GRAB YOUR SEAT NOW BEFORE WE FILL UP!!!

It might give you a second chance to make an impression on them!

Speed dating can be an engaging and fun activity, or it can be a terrifying experience where you have the worst fifty dates of your life, all in a row and on one evening!

Speed dating is frequently a negative (or neutral at best) experience for a number of people because it is truly a random assortment of individuals.

Do NOT be nervous about attending - this is very low pressure.

The host is there to greet you when you arrive and everyone is there to meet everyone else.

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