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It was a mass produced article, and the numbers found for sale on auction sites like EBay attest to its popularity as a shaving tool, and its endurance as an object.The bare razor is not worth very much (or anything at all) unless it displays one or more of the following characteristics: The most valuable models normally seen for sale are sterling silver versions of the Magazine Repeating Razor produced in the late 1920's.Dating Schick Injector Razors is not as easy as dating some other popular razors like Gillettes.

Schick sold the company in 1928 to start another unrelated company bearing his name which marketed his newly invented electric shavers.

A 1935 blade injector works just fine in a 2003 Injector Razor, and vice versa.

And the blades from the 1926 Magazine Repeating razor, Col. This is one of the longest production runs for any model of safety razor, but likely at an end.

A period of updating and restyling followed until the basic format of the late 1960's, which endured with little change for another third of a century until late in the 1990's.

These long periods of similar looking razors and the general absence of serial numbers or manufacturing codes linked to time, frustrate efforts to date examples of the razor over time.

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