Sara quin dating 2016

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Sara quin dating 2016

We always felt a little awkward in the indie-rock world anyway, because we weren’t necessarily guitar players by nature. SARA In the ’90s, everything was about the guitar, everything was about rock and alternative music.The timing was just really specific around us beginning to write songs and starting our first band.That’s where things get interesting.“It’s not like we’ve arrived at this place out of nowhere,” Sara Quin begins, thinking carefully about exactly where she and identical twin Tegan find themselves.It’s a tough question for anyone to answer more specifically, particularly when they’ve been performing for nearly two decades.

,” we might have been like, “No, we wear giant clothes, and we’re skaters, and we listen to Nirvana.” But we were still picking up on it. TEGAN We were really stoked on how “Heartthrob” went. I like that we had a bigger audience, and I also loved how alternative we still felt.I was really, really a big part of why we never really played that kind of game.And I feel like I had a bit of a “born again” moment with radio on the last album cycle.To reach the dizzy heights of album eight, an artist usually has a certain degree of success under their belt.With that, they’ve likely learnt what does and doesn’t make a good record, along with how the definition of ‘good’ fits comfortably within their sound.

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TEGAN I’ll be quite honest, there was a point where there were six people in our band. Even though we had a pop hit [“Closer”], and even though we were playing with Katy Perry, we were still so queer and different.