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On December 12, 2006, Miller would release an album titled God's Gift via Guttar Music, Urban Digital & Go Digital Music Group, it would serve as the soundtrack to the same name independent film Miller's father Master P had directed & produced, and it was Miller's first album to be classified as explicit; the soundtrack would go on to sell over 96,000 copies to date.Both albums were known for containing Miller's song titled "U Can't Shine Like Me" which was a direct response to fellow young rapper/actor at the time Bow Wow, who fans believed dissed Miller & his father Master P in his song "Fresh Azimiz".Then on March 2, 2010 Miller released two EP's to promote the album which were the Famous Girl & Monster/Practice via his label The Next Generation Entertainment & LPD Music.Also In 2010 Miller would introduce his new group the College Boyys, on May 25, 2010 they released their debut album titled Spring Break via his label The Next Generation & Hollywood Dream Music; the album evidently sold over 30,000 copies worldwide, but the group would later disband due to unknown reasons.Dick & the brother of singer and actress Cymphonique Miller.

Also in 2007 Miller along with his father Master P would form a new group together titled Miller Boyz, on September 4, 2007 they would release their debut album titled Hip Hop History via Take A Stand Records, Urban Digital & Go Digital Music Group; the album would go on to sell over 32,000 records worldwide.Smith, Shawn & Kyros & his other artist's at the time Black Don who is also Miller's cousin, D who is also Miller's cousin, D'Anna & Tempo.In 2010 Romeo confirmed that he was still working on his fourth studio album but he changed the name of the album to The College Boy.On January 26, 2010 Miller would release a second promotional single for the album titled "Ice Cream Man Jr." which was a tribute to his dad Master P.On February 16, 2010 Miller released his debut mixtape Patience Is a Virtue to promote the album.

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In 2005 Miller along with his father Master P founded a new record label titled Guttar Music Entertainment.

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