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He travels the nation at speaking and networking events to empower agencies to communicate with singles, who represent a growing global market. “As the number of singles in the world increases, we’re going to need a community to support them and look out for them.” For Devon, the first six weeks of dating someone are critical.“That’s when you see all these little red flags,” he said, “and little red flags compound into big red flags over time.” When talking to thousands of women about their relationships, he noticed a common mistake in ignoring red flags early on, choosing the wrong partners, and setting themselves up for unsatisfying relationships.From a young age, Devon Kerns saw the world differently.He was more rebellious and emotionally aware than his peers and had a talent for connecting with people on the street and in his classes.“I’m really interested in the emotional differences between men and women,” Devon said.“We’re backward on how we view the emotions of men and women, so the emotional scale dives into more of a primal and human side of being masculine and feminine.” In 10 sessions, conducted in person or by phone, Devon helps singles make significant changes in how they view dating, emotions, and fulfillment.His coaching curriculum focuses on personal growth and cultivating a deeper understanding of relationships in every aspect of life.If you’re looking for someone to explain the nuances of dating culture, Devon’s free content provides a succinct summation of what goes through the minds of daters.

On a mission to improve singles’ lives, he teaches open communication skills to daters and applies single psychology to business relations.His videos and blog posts offer a do-it-yourself online education full of direct advice to improve your dating prowess with direct advice.Additionally, Devon founded a marketing company called Social Capital Advertising to raise the social value of businesses. They’re individuals on their own,” Devon explained.By talking to these women, he realized an employee’s relationship status affected work productivity in subtle ways.“So, you see, there was a consistent theme throughout my life,” he said.

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