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Realitive dating in social studies

An example of an absolute location using latitude and longitude is the United States Capitol which is located at 38° 53′ 35″ N, 77° 00′ 32″ W.

Latitude is always written first and latitude and longitude are composed of degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS).

However, the concept is mainly used for observations in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Absolute magnitude is defined as the apparent magnitude of a star at the distance of 10 parsecs or 32.6 light years.

It is a measure of the intrinsic brightness of the celestial body.

• Apparent magnitude is the brightness of an astronomical body as seen from earth, while absolute magnitude is the apparent magnitude of a body as seen from 10 parsecs or 32.6 light years from the earth.

• The absolute magnitude is an intrinsic measurement, but apparent magnitude is not.

It consists of an apparent magnitude scale based on pure observation.

The most common way is to identify the location using coordinates such as latitude and longitude.

Lines of longitude and latitude crisscross the earth.

There lay your relative on his back behind the curtain, plunged in sweet slumber.

The astronomical objects have fascinated human race and captured the imagination of most brilliant minds on earth for thousands of years.

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Also, the apparent magnitude of a celestial body may differ depending on the range of the electromagnetic spectrum in which it is being observed.

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