Preeya kalidas dating marc elliott

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Preeya kalidas dating marc elliott

This is all partly Amira's fault, though, because she winds up Zainab suggesting that Christian has a thing for Syed - completely unaware that he actually does and it's reciprocated!

It's like waving a rag to a bull with Zainab, so she goes to confront Christian about his fascination with Syed and he explodes and reveals that her 'perfect' son have been carrying on for some time and insists that it's not a one-way street..." Where's Syed at this point?

So, right now, only Marc Elliot knows the answer to this question.Marc Elliot Marc Elliot is a character named Syed Masood, On Eastenders.He arrived on the scene with a girlfriend, but the script calls for him falling for an openly gay character- Christian Clarke (played by John Partridge).How will Syed deal with the fact that his mother knows his true sexuality? What happens between Syed and Christian on New Year's Eve?"There's a big old knees up at the Jacksons for New Year and Ricky and Bianca's engagement.

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Masood (who is played by Marc Elliot) He plays a gay character on TV, this does not mean he is actually gay.

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