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Similarly, if I were dating Lauren Graham in an onscreen capacity I would have a healthy skepticism every time she absconded with the guy who fathered her children.

Christoper and Seth spelled bad news for Lorelai and Sarah both, because try as she might, she just keeps getting drawn back to them.

, on-screen brother and sister Lauren Graham, 43, and Peter Krause, 44, are dating!

I thought Krause was married with a family, probably because he plays a dad so convincingly, but I was wrong. Here’s Hot Stuff [US Weekly] has learned Lauren Graham, 43, and Peter Krause, 44 – who play siblings on NBC’s Parenthood – are dating.

Turns out sometimes a copy can actually be an improvement on the original.

Both Sarah and Lorelai very reluctantly allow their daughters to plod through their rebellious periods — and when they come out of them they find their relationships stronger than ever, helped along by Graham's characters' deep and complete understanding of her daughters.

Mae Whitman's Amber Holt and Alexis Bledel's Rory Gilmore are very different characters — though I'd kill to see them interact — but they do have in common that they've both caused Lauren Graham her fair share of motherly headaches.

Specifically, both have triggered her motherly worry after a major rejection in their lives (Amber from UC Berkeley, Rory from her journalistic ambitions after a confrontation with Mitchum Huntzberger).

She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

The parallels started early, and it came in the form of a brunette lit teacher just bonkers in love with Lauren Graham.

Both get caught making out at school and the resulting gossip humiliates Graham's kids in both shows. A grumpy man — Luke, meet Hank; Hank, meet Luke — always serves as one source of tension in Graham's relationships with her daughter's lit teachers.

This has led both down a path of rebellion not necessarily in line with their best selves, and has caused Graham to be wracked with questions of if she's a failure as a mother.

This is the most recent example for Parenthood: The ex-wife of boyfriend Hank (played by Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt) was highly skeptical of allowing Graham access to her and Hank's teenage daughter.

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