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Overcome fear of dating

If your partner is not ready, he or she may be dealing with his or her own emotional triggers that you have to respect and accept.By defining the space, you may also define the length of time that you are willing to wait for your partner.It breaks down, however, if you are not honest about where you really stand.If you think there is no future with someone, let him or her know, even if you are scared of losing that person.

The reason is that deep down we have experienced some level of rejection, abandonment, hurt or disillusion. Being attracted to someone physically is a subjective matter. If you swear that you will never fall for a handsome guy again because your handsome husband cheated on you, you are letting your past trigger your future.While matching your desired criteria has become electronically possible through computer software, it certainly does not guarantee you a harmonious relationship. In my own life, and in my work with others, I have found a simple process for personal transformation that can be applied to any area where you are facing obstacles — divorce, layoffs, addictions, and even dating. You may become unsatisfied and anytime a handsome guy asks you out, it could trigger your negative emotions.If they don’t want to move the relationship to the next level, you may want to move on with grace since your goals are no longer aligned.Don’t hesitate to discuss this space and agree on it to keep the relationship going and know its terms.

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