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If the almonds are put into the refrigerator — which they should be unless you're going to eat them all within a week or two after opening the package, the nuts will last about a year. Cashews don't have as long as a shelf life as almonds do, but their ability to stay fresh when unopened is still respectable.

You can count on an unopened package of cashews being good for an additional six to nine months after the best-by date has passed.

Slices can be cut whenever you like and eaten on their own or with other food.

Pine nuts, used frequently to make pesto or to toss on salads, aren't quite as finicky as pistachios, but don't leave them sitting around too long.Chopped pecans on the other hand are usually only used for my go-to 275-calorie salad or for holiday treats like Rugelach.I keep a small amount of chopped pecans in the refrigerator for when I make my salad and the rest go in the freezer.Whether you're landing in Los Angeles, taxiing in Tokyo or boarding in Boston, King Nut is where you are.Consumers enjoy King Nut snacks over 1 million times per day, on every major US airline, worldwide.

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By purchasing them with the shells on, I have to work for that little kernel of goodness inside. According to Eat by Date, they don't store well in either the refrigerator or freezer.