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A baby alligator is a small piece of tire, and alligator bait is several small tire pieces. No longer able to maintain speed, necessitating a need to downshift.When a truck's climbing a steep incline, and for whatever reason, the driver has to let up off of the accelerator, he'll lose whatever momentum he had and have to downshift.For instance, it may not show small juts in the boundary or bay windows.We can’t tell you which boundary feature you are responsible for either, though some registers may refer to this.If you want to check if we have any boundary information, you can get a copy of the title register, title plan, and any ‘filed’ deeds we have for your own property and your neighbour's property.

The information is based on large-scale Ordnance Survey mapping and is generalised to some degree.

In a lot of cases though, the deeds make no mention.

Then there are cases where the deeds refer to ‘T’ marks on a plan and include wording such as ‘to maintain the boundaries marked with an inward facing T mark’.

If a dispute continues, it is ultimately a Court that makes decisions, but they do not like such disputes being put before them.

There are other organisations that can help you before things get to that stage, such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who have a boundary dispute helpline: 02476 868555.

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They can be the cause of heated debate and trigger arguments between neighbours, sometimes over just a few inches of ground.

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