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This article describes how to put together a Local Area Network (LAN) consisting of two or more computers using the Red Hat Linux 6.2 operating system.A is a communications network that interconnects a variety of devices and provides a means for exchanging information among those devices.The size of your LAN depends on which reserved address range you use and the subnet mask (explained later in the article) associated with that range (see Table 1.).

A class B LAN can have over 65,000 unique IP addresses.

Therefore, you only assign individual computers on the LAN IP addresses in the range of to is an octet that uses the number 255 to represent the network address portion of the IP address and a zero to identify the host portion of the address.

For example, the subnet mask is used by each host to determine which LAN or class it belongs to.

An IP address is composed of four octets (numbers in the range of 0 to 255) separated by decimal points.

The IP address is used to uniquely identify a host or computer on the LAN.

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