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The military and legislative services, the wealth, the social rank, the influential connections of the commissioners, the array of attorneys renowned for eloquence and learning—all conspired to raise public expectation to the highest pitch.

Alfred Moore was prosecutor: Iredell and Davie appeared for the defence.

It is the goal to cover all costs incurred to provide the service, but to charge no more than necessary to accomplish such.

Requests for changes to service rates and retail prices for all services are reviewed annually based on proposals from the contract providers or the managers of self-operated services.

From information furnished by Governor Caswell, a resolution was adopted requiring the Governor to cause to be apprehended all the persons concerned, of whom twenty-three were individually named in the order of arrest, and the names of twentyeight witnesses were stated. Neal, was explicit and had the clear ring of impartial investigation.

His advocates thought that through his whole trial he met with the greatest tyranny and injustice from two of the Court.

The people of Warren spoke with the utmost horror and resentment of his sentence.

All rate increases are first reviewed by the Contract Administrator in conjunction with the service provider and advisory committees.

These proposals must then in turn be reviewed and approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services, the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, and then Chancellor.

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The profound interest of the public in the success of the prosecution, and the heavy stakes of the defendants—their fortunes and more than all their characters, stimulated the efforts of counsel to the greatest degree; and seldom in North Carolina has a more brilliant display of forensic power been witnessed.