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Jarkey dating gam

What I do remember was that Clare "Milky the Clown" Cummings was the warm-up act. The program had cartoons, entertainment, talent shows and the peanut gallery that we sat in.

To keep us occupied they also had a contest where they showed us an image of something magnified many times larger on a monitor.

I remember being on the show with Ella Fitzgerald and another time with The Chuckles, to name a few.

Toby was doing a live commercial for the sponsor, Malt-O-Meal, a type of hot oatmeal.

Auntie Dee invited us back, but we never got a formal invitation as far as I knew.

I always wanted to go back on, but thought that the ribbon malfunction had done us in.

Most theaters were divided into three sections; orchestra, balcony and gallery- with the gallery being the cheap seats.

Patrons who frequented the gallery were usually working class folk who would show their displeasure with onstage performers by pelting them with peanut shells.

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In the 1950s Buffalo Bob Smith dubbed the kid audience of The Howdy Doody Show the "Peanut Gallery." Local TV kid's shows across the country adopted the term to identify the children who sat in the live TV audience to watch their favorite local TV personality.