Itunes never stop updating podcasts

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Itunes never stop updating podcasts

When does Buzzsprout send my updates to Apple Podcasts?

Apple Podcasts does not receive updates from Buzzsprout or any podcast hosting services.

Occasionally, external platforms can have technical issues or large backlogs that can cause delays.

Currently, we know the following platforms are approving podcasts more slowly than usual.

They will receive the updates immediately after they’re published in Buzzsprout. Before you create your podcast artwork, review the Top Podcasts chart for examples of compelling artwork.

To be eligible for featured placement in Apple Podcasts, artwork must be a 3000 x 3000 pixel JPEG or PNG file with 72 dpi in the RGB color space.

You can subscribe to your show by visiting your i Tunes listing in the i Tunes store and selecting “Subscribe” directly underneath your show’s cover artwork.If your podcast gets rejected by external platforms, we'll send an email to the email address for your Anchor account letting you know.This help article will walk you through how to edit your general account settings.I use the Apple Podcasts app, but the episodes never stick around after I play them.If I want to listen again I have to redownload them. Does this mean the space is getting tight on my i Phone? The Apple Podcasts app has built-in tools to help you manage your subscriptions and the individual shows you download.

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You can also subscribe from your i OS device by searching for you podcast through the Apple Podcasts App.

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