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Intimidating other guys

For me, I have a hard time talking to guys that I think are a 8 or higher. In my mind, I want to rip that suit off them and go to town. I am a very outgoing guy and I tend to have girls around me, just as friends that come out with the group.

I'm really into the scruffy facial hair, short, messy hair and tall guys. But if I find a girl outside of the group that I am genuinely interested in and try to bring them into the fold, they seem to become intimidated or something, leaving the both of us disheartened.

Being at the top of your profession Admittedly, this is a rather antiquated notion.

In 2018, men should be able to handle career-oriented women who excel at their jobs.

If they start talking to me, I assume there's some sort of ulterior motive.

Also, if a guy is in a well fitting suit I want to do appalling things to him, but am paralysed by my hormones. I figure that they wouldn't be interested in me at all, so I don't bother trying.

But hear me out—if you’re the head of a company or an authority figure in a major organization, that’s intimidating.

It’s almost like dating a rock star, TV personality, or high-level politician.

I won’t say that most men are lazy, but most of us don’t have the energy to do all of that.

Your high-class appearance Again, if this is the real you, then you shouldn’t go out of your way to change who you are.

However, men can sometimes be wary to approach a woman who’s dressed in high-end fashion, wearing expensive jewelry, or even drinking a martini rather than a beer.

I could never approach someone I found attractive, too intimidating.

If he were to approach me, I would just mumble something stupid and run away as soon as it is socially acceptable to do so. I figure that they wouldn't be interested in me at all, so I don't bother trying.

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That means we have to work extra hard to impress you and convince you that we’re worth being in your life.