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Big Brother was put on this earth to fight bad guys!I want to tell all the sisters of our motherland: “The night is dark, your family is waiting for you to return home; The day is late, don’t go out alone, and especially when it is summer, don’t dress so revealingly!It’s hard to get a sense of the scale, which roused suspicions in the first place.

When passersby saw, they stopped him and called the police.Apparently, no foul play was detected and it was reinstated.Stephen Hutcheon from the Sydney Morning Herald has more on the story, including a screenshot from the leaderboard on the day it was removed.That’s more views than this week’s top 20 videos received, combined.In one week, the CSS video got nearly as many views as the insanely huge Crank That (Souljah Boy) received in 7 months.

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