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Þ see Noah’s Floor Hydrologic Sorting A transitional fossil is the supposed link between two different species or organisms, basically as one species had ‘transitions’ to another species.

NO First of all, as shown above with the Chinese cat, evidence points to the fact that mammals ARE found throughout multiple layers, even in reptilian layers.

Evolutionists assume as they look at different fossils throughout the geologic columns, that lower fossils are the oldest and are the predecessors of the fossils found in top layers.

Due to their own assumptions, they infer that fossils in between the top and bottom layers exist as intermediate stages of transformation or ‘transitional fossils’ as one species of organisms gradually changed into another reproducing species.

Petrification occurs through a process called per-mineralization, which typically happens when an organic substance absorbs water or a soluble liquid with a high mineral concentration, which some of the substances internal structure is then replaced by the minerals.

Once believed to occurred over thousands or even millions, it is now understood that depending on different factors, such as the p H balance, temperature, and mineral saturation of the absorbed soluble liquid; “It does not take long at all”!

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