Htc hd2 my locations not updating

Posted by / 21-Sep-2020 10:51

Im using Port SIP, which some basic testing appears to work fine (With Exetel) But i will test again and see specifically what happens, when my ear touches it.

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Hi The reason the weather is not displayed on my location is that your location is not on the service.

For example if you try to set your location for the next nearest major town it will work.

Alternatively to prove this if you go to the weather then settings add a location if you try to add your town it will say no matches found.

Sorry i can't solve you problems but at least we know why, hopefully more locations will be added soon.

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They are the kinds of things you discover when you play for a while. anyone that has even remotely thought about the hd2 vs the iphone would know all about the points of difference shown in the clip. If they fall down in one particular area, its Battery Charge duration...seems to lessen against Stock ROMs IMHO.

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