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This assumes an interconnected and interdependent system, incapable of adaption and regeneration.Yet once some key element is removed, social organizations do not necessarily collapse.Perhaps it was something more political—say a capital city or a particular member of an alliance that once defeated would cause the whole to crumble.Over the past few decades, this has turned into a search for the knockout blow, the limited but well-directed, and brilliantly executed, thrust that might take down the enemy’s forces without the bother of a prolonged and bloody campaign of attrition.Yet taking enemy forces out of the fight is not invariably necessary in order to achieve desired political effects, especially in a campaign for limited objectives short of all-out war.There are also roles for armed forces in protecting civilians from danger, intimidating and coercing, comforting friends and reassuring allies, prodding disputants to negotiations and strengthening bargaining.

Besides the occasional episodes of vampire bats and wolpertingers, Dipper finds his ninth summer in the town rather uneventful, yet plagued with paranoia and traumatic memories.

Dipper should have listened to the nagging voice that resided in the depths of his mind; Mabel was always thinking of herself when it came to the two of them.

Weirdmageddon has started and their current hope is to get Mabel back before searching for the others, but what if Mabel doesn't leave the prison bubble?

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The trial of Fantasy v.s reality had ended with Dipper being banished to the ruins of Gravity Falls, landing him into the clutches of Bill, and Bill doesn't let go easily.