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Looking for a great alternative to Microsoft Outlook?Microsoft Outlook has made its reputation as a comprehensive email client loaded with several features that make it a powerful application.You can now open and manage your emails with no worries!When you go through hundreds of emails in a day, it’s easy to overlook questions and tasks.Mailbird is designed around the user—a clean user interface, intuitive user experience and simple design that allows for quick navigation through the app.It’s because of this that most people can master the application within 5 minutes, whereas Outlook can take days to get used to.

The problem is, Microsoft doesn’t have great customer support.The problem with Outlook’s numerous features is that they can be quite overwhelming.They aren’t presented to you in a way that’s easy to understand.A common concern of those not familiar with Mailbird is that it doesn’t have as many features as Outlook. In fact, in many ways, Mailbird’s features are more sophisticated than Outlook’s, and they are delivered in a way that doesn’t clutter or complicate your experience of using the app.Some of the most popular features are listed below.

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With it, you can view all your emails – from all your accounts in one combined space!