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The 50plus-Club Chat is a free chat-room, dedicated to bringing senior citizens, baby boomers and generally speaking everyone over 50 together to share insights on romance, relationships, life, family, friendship, travel, arts, culture, music, the economy and just about anything and everything in a meaningful way. Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings populate those chats looking for fun and superficial fluff.

Mention Mention allows to mention a member in your message and it will appear highlighted to them.

The options available on settings page are as below: Name colour Name colour option allows you to change your nickname's colour and will appear to others in the selected colour.

A random colour is chosen by default for you when you join the chat.

Middle of the page shows all the messages exchanged in the room.

Right side will show list of members who are present in that room.

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Whisper After typing your message, selecting "whipser" option will send your message as a whisper.