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Eve and sean paul dating

Eve Hewson was born as Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson on 7 July, 1991 to parents Ali Hewson and Paul David Hewson in Dublin.

Her mother is an Irish businesswoman and activist and father is a singer-songwriter, and businessman.

After the title was established, the show's premise was modified slightly, but remained centered around male and female friends discussing their love lives, and navigating their relationships with the opposite sex.

She further described the sitcom as "focus[ing] on one relationship and follow[ing] all of the ups and downs in it" with the purpose of "showing the male and female points of view".

Eve suffered from low viewership in spite of its high ratings among young African American women; it was canceled following UPN's merger with The WB Television Network (The WB) to launch The CW in 2006.

The series' cancellation, along with that of other black sitcoms, was criticized by media outlets for reducing representation of African American characters and the number of roles for African American actors on television.

Episodes typically depict the friends' comedic and romantic adventures and career issues, such as Shelly, Rita, and Janie working together at their Miami-based fashion boutique Diva Style and J. Other frequently recurring characters include Shelly's younger love interest Grant (Sharif Atkins), Janie's husband Marty (Reggie Gaskins), and Shelly's mother Beverly (Penny Johnson Jerald). He finds out that college is more difficult than he first thought, and struggles with his classes and finances.

She begins an on and off relationship with physical therapist J. Hunter (Jason George), which is nearly derailed when he cries while they watch Casablanca on their first date.

Both characters turn to two of their close friends for advice on the opposite sex, love, and relationships.

According to her, UPN executives explained that the title would better attract the rapper's fans.

They also felt that the audience would not be confused by the title Eve, despite Eve playing a character named Shelly.

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Donovan finds himself romantically attracted to Rita, but he resists the temptation out of fear of ruining their friendship. After discovering that she is bankrupt, Rita moves in with Janie to save money. When Janie becomes annoyed with Rita for staying at her home for a long time, Rita persuades J. Eve accepted the role as a way to showcase a different side of her personality that was unexplored in her music.