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Ethiopian muslim dating

In the meantime, an order was given to evacuate the encroached land, for which the Majlis agreed, it says.

Simultaneously, there was also ongoing discussion between the Arbitration Committee and the Addis Ababa city Administration to find a solution for the status of the disputed land and other mosques in the city that are unlicensed, whose numbers no one wants to say. On April 16, according to the Communication Bureau, security forces carrying only batons were deployed to remove the crescent symbol and the sand that was deposited on the parcel of the land.

Elias Kedir, one of the members of committee has a slightly different version.Lastly, the land was awarded for the woreda 8 administration in order to construct G7 building headquarter.A corrugated sheet fence was erected to indicate its ownership.“While they were in the middle of talking with the clergy of the mosque, a call was made through the microphone to give the impression that there was a threat to the mosque, with the objective of triggering incitement.Individuals who were inside the mosque drew shotguns and fired.

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One activist boldly says the attack on the mosque ground was worse than anything the regime did before the ascent of Abiy Ahmed.