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But Ramos did not allow Matt to be transmogrified into a pin-up icon, and carefully steered him through the bombardment of teen fan magazine press, which has only abated somewhat in the last year. Ramos’ office was inundated with scripts and offers. The vehicles for the young star were chosen with the utmost care and discrimination. The projects that followed, (an American Playhouse PBS special) were all quality films, and Matt’s work was singled out by almost every reviewer. to create a wholly believable vulnerability.” The Hinton/Dillon collaboration proved such a success that the writer and actor teamed up for two more films: , a period romance set in 1963. MOYNIHAN: I’ll never stop listening to rock and roll. DILLON: The first music I was ever exposed to was Irish folk music, like the Clancy Brothers. He is very close to his family and faithful to his old school friends. My character looks up to his older brother; he’s following in his footsteps, but he can’t cut it. Cause you work so hard on a film, and if it doesn’t work out the way you were hoping it to or the way you expected to, it’s a heavy shock. I didn’t even say, “Mom, I tried out for this movie today.” I said, “Mom, I’m going to be in this movie.” I said it like that. It was sort of a ridiculous statement, saying it out of the blue like that. MOYNIHAN: Of all the films you’ve made, do you have a particular favorite? But he takes a keen interest in his career and the movie business and has learned a great deal about it. He’s living in the past remember what his brother was, but his brother couldn’t care less. DILLON: In Tulsa, but it doesn’t really take place there. DILLON: Sometimes I watch the whole film, but sometimes I just see pieces of it. MOYNIHAN: What kind of obstacles do you come up against when you’re working on a role? DILLON: Basically, I’ve really got to admit that of all the ones I’ve made so far, at different times I didn’t like ’em, at other times I’ve liked ’em, but I would say overall that now I like each one of them. You can do anything with the clothing, with wardrobe. When you’re playing the straight guy it’s hard to be loose, because you have your audience rooting for you the whole time.

Regarded as the James Dean of the ’80s, New York State native Matt Dillon made being bad look so good. DILLON: I’m not living at home now, but I had been up until now.

In the new romantic comedy, "Must Love Dogs," Diane Lane plays a recently divorced preschool teacher who reluctantly agrees to try Internet dating.

Before she married actor Josh Brolin, Lane tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith, dating was something she avoided "brilliantly." She says, "Being a single working mom is a wonderful prophylactic to dating. I have friends who have tried the Internet dating and have happy stories.

Explaining the film, Lane says, "We're both on the rebound, or whatever that terminology is when you're in recovery from a divorce.

We have that in common, both scratching our heads fighting being cynical. You need a lot of humor to fight cynicism, and this movie has it - both, actually. He brought so much of himself to the character, so much improvisation, very encouraging and very free." Pointing out that Lane is on almost every magazine cover, Smith refers to an article in Redbook magazine in which she encourages women to embrace their age. "I waited a decade to get here, so I better enjoy it! I'm a late bloomer, and it's just all good."The film also features Stockard Channing, Elizabeth Perkins, and Ali Hillis.

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Despite being years their junior, Dillon holds his own with an air of confidence far beyond his age. DILLON: No, it was after the third movie, to the Lee Strasberg Institute. Vince Spano has been a friend for a very long time. MOYNIHAN: Have you remained friends with the girls you’ve acted with, Meg Tilly and Diane Lane?

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