Debate dating coworker

Posted by / 05-Oct-2020 16:53

Debate dating coworker

It’s unprofessional, and it blurs boundaries.’However, I’ve also read some people say that these days it makes total sense to date coworkers.

They’ve said ‘where else are you going to meet people?

If you've already told other co-workers you have a crush, they're going to mistake every weird interaction between the two of you as a continuation of the crush.

Whatever the case, telling anyone about it will most likely add drama where it isn't needed.

Deciding whether you should or shouldn't date your co-worker is an age-old debate.

I mean, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama met at work. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt met while filming "Mr. Smith."I met my husband at work when we interned together during college.

Breaking up would be awkward, and that awkwardness only increases with the more people who know about it.

So, you've been dating for a few months now, and it's going very well.

If you want to date a co-worker and are OK with the consequences if you both break up, then game on.

If you don’t think you want to deal with having to continue to interact and see someone who you are no longer dating, then keep your dates limited to people you don’t work with.

You spend all your time at work, it’s hard to take time out to date, why not date people at your work?

’The important thing to note in this situation is there is no tried and true answer to your question: there are just opinions.

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There are definitely differing views on this, but they’re all just opinions.